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After we were locked down, and I was quarantined after the outbreak of corona, I knew I had to help. I wanted to help the communities slow down the spread and get back to a normal life. I am a boy scouts from Holmdel Troop 131, and I’m going to make 1000 Safe keys to distribute to the communities and help people stay safe and healthy. They will be distributed for free to the local communities.

William Su


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Project Timeline

On 6/2 I passed the interview with the BoyScout Board. I started to print the safe keys, and a few other Boy scouts like Grant Lin also helped me to print the safe keys. These safe keys were printed by a 3d printer and would take about 1 hour per key. These safe keys can open doors, press buttons, hold bags, and flip switches. You can use these keys to avoid contact with every day items.
On 6/12 Holmdel Troop 131 boy scouts met up with me at Phyllis Park in Holmdel. I brought a 3d printer and explained how we created the keys and templates. Together we assembled 550 Safe key pouches. These pouches include a instruction page that tells you how to use the key and a key. We did a good job scouts!
On 6/16 A few of my friends and I distributed 300 keys pouches to those in need. They drove by and we gave them different necessities, like soap, food, and our keys. I did this with The Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. They really helped us to distribute keys and goods to those in need. Thank you for your help during this crisis!
On 6/17 I met up with Principal Loughran and the staff at William R. Satz and explained my safe keys to them. They were interested and helped distribute 250 safe keys to the 8th graders. It was a locker cleanup and we successfully distributed all of them. Thank you so much for your help!
On 6/19 the boy scouts met up again at Phyllis park, and this time we finished up the last 450 Safe Key pouches to distribute to the community. We social distanced and had masks on to make sure we were safe during this pandemic. Thank you so much for your help! Another job well done!
On 6/24 & 6/25 I met up with Principal Loghran and staff at William R. Satz to help distribute 250 safe keys to the 7th graders at the school drive-by. They got their yearbooks, cups, and a safe key. All 250 were distributed.


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